Just some of the testimonials given to us by learners who have worked with Andy or the team over the last few years. There are more on our facebook page

R PAGE, Business Administration Apprentice

"Andrew was my NVQ assessor for 1 year, whilst training to become a vehicle administrator. He helped me fly through my NVQ with flying colours. He was always willing to help when it was needed and helped me get to where I am now. He visited me on a monthly basis and spent a full afternoon setting me work and assignments to be complete for his next visit.

He was always contactable when needed by either email or phone.

I would never have got this far without Andrews help."

R PAGE Business Administration Apprentice. This learner has now progressed within the industry to the point where at the age of 21 she is now Senior Administrator within a major motor dealership.

D LEONARD, Working In The Care Sector

"I attended a course to complete my level 2 NVQ in IT, the course also included Maths and English. I was tutored by Mr Hall and I found his technique of teaching exceptional. I was fully able to understand the content of the course and completed my NVQ, which I feel I would not have been able to do if it had not been for Mr Hall. Completing this NVQ has made me more confident when searching for work and opened up more opportunities for me."

D LEONARD Having left school with very few qualifications, the ITQ and Skills for Life Learner, were used as a stepping stone into further education. This learner is now working in the care sector.

L WRIGHTSON Team Leader Within The Training Department Of A Major Motor Retailer

"I first met Andrew when he was assigned as the NVQ Assessor for several of the girls I had working in my team. We had experienced difficulties with their previous Assessors as they had been unable to make regular appointments with the team. When Andrew was subsequently assigned to them he encouraged and motivated them. Their confidence grew as they felt at ease with Andrew and as a result they soon began to progress quickly. One of the girls in particular had been on the programme for quite some time and had become very disillusioned with the process but Andrew managed to get her back on track and she went on to achieve her qualification.

As part of my own CPD I asked Andrew if he would be prepared to work with me so that I could gain a Level 3 qualification and explained to him that because of both work and family commitments I would need to try and complete the programme in as short a time as possible. Andrew agreed to this immediately, without hesitation. To do this we set the timescale required and planned in several appointments which meant Andrew would be visiting me on a more frequent basis than he normally worked to. We also used assessment methods that enabled me to produce evidence in a less time consuming way, for example, recorded discussion and observation. Andrew also suggested that if I wanted to e-mail my work to him between visits he would assess it and discuss it with me, either giving me feedback by return e-mail or during our next appointment. He always responded to my e-mails within a day or two, giving feedback and guidance for future work. This all meant that my NVQ was achieved within the time I had requested of Andrew. His support and guidance throughout was very much appreciated."

L WRIGHTSON Team Leader within the Training Department of a major motor retailer undertook a level 3 Business Administration NVQ. She is now working within a training provider, gaining both her A1 and V1 awards.

C GIBSON, Administrator Within A Major Motor Retailer

I was approximately 6 month into my NVQ Level 2 in Business Admin when Andrew became my assessor. I had worked with two previous assessors and was becoming frustrated with the lack of help available and the length of time it was taking me to complete my NVQ, I had originally hoped to finish my NVQ in as quick a time as possible but I was less than half way through at this point.

Andrew came into the role at a point when I was starting to lose interest in working towards my qualification and he was like a breath of fresh air. His enthusiasm rubbed off on me and we worked together to complete the rest of my NVQ in less than 6 month. Andrew was always available to help, either by phone or in person and made himself available to work as much as I wanted to whilst finishing my NVQ. Andrew ensured my work was complete to the highest standard and when my file was chosen to be reviewed by and external verifier we were both confident that this would come back with a positive response...which it did.

Andrew was such a positive influence for me to complete my qualification and I would be more than happy to work with him again. Andrew came at just the right point in my career and because of the unforeseen events in my then employment I was able to use this to gain a new job with my current employer. If Andrew hadn't came along I would probably still be trying to get my NVQ finished now. I would recommend Andrew to work with learners of all levels in the future, his attitude towards the job can only help to get the best out of people.

C GIBSON, Administrator within a major motor retailer and undertook a Business Administration Apprenticeship including technical certificates and Key Skills, recently employed within the admin department of a local authority.


After leaving school with no qualifications and being in and out of temporary jobs, I took a course at a local training centre where I met Andy Hall, who was my new skills for life tutor. Andy gave me a lot of support and help he explained things to me if I ever got into any difficulties with my course work. Through learning things on the courses I was enrolled on, I earned many qualifications from adult literacy and numeracy to a level 2 NVQ for IT users. Andy and his colleagues also managed to enrol me onto a fork lift truck course.

Once I was completed with the courses, I was then able to list these on my CV and felt really proud as these new skills helped me gain a full time job.

M BLAIR, Skills for Life learner enrolled on a Learndirect course. Martin used these qualifications to find employment within a major retail/baking organisation after spending time prior to his course unemployed

S White, An email Sent On Completion Of Her Course.

"Thanks for helping us with our Key Skills, our last exam was Wednesday and we all passed! That's us all fully fledged team leaders now. Personally I"d not have been able to pass (especially the maths exam) without the help you gave us all. Hope to meet you again if not, it was nice meeting you.

Thanks again."

S White, An email sent on completion of her course. On completing this course, she was promoted to a Team Leader within an International Quick Service Restaurant. She has now progressed onto a degree level course as part of her on-going development and achieving the goal of running her own restaurant as a Store Manager.

Comments from members of a Management Skills Workshop

"Andy was able to facilitate a session which provoked a lot of thought and reflection"

"I finished the session with an increased awareness of not only my own skills, but the qualities of those who work with me. I am more appreciative of what they can offer me"

"Andy created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and were able to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences"

Comments from members of a Management Skills Workshop

Feedback Received At The End Of A Level 4 Ptlls Course

"Key strengths was the manner of Andy, making it a very good teaching environment"

"Excellent instruction from a very knowledgeable instructor"

"Andy was a key strength of the course. His delivery, knowledge and personality ensured the maximum was obtained in the time allowed"

Just some of the feedback received at the end of a Level 4 Ptlls course delivered on behalf of a partner organisation